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Supporting Our Community


SWBCA is a 501c3 public foundation that works in partnership with other organizations to provide:

  1. scholarships named for ANNE M. GARROTT to young women and youth to young women and youth providing training in leadership development; 

  2. workshops and seminars on personal empowerment an positive family systems to help teenage parents, in particular, to be better parents; 

  3. social and entertainment events for the family; and 

  4. building on our existing Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame to make the community more aware of the achievements of Black women.

Graduation Ceremony


SWBCA's educational commitment at work: The Anne M. Garrott Leadership Scholarship Fund. This endowment provides scholarships and assistance to students and educational programs.

Community Outreach

A key element of our vision is consistent support of social, educational and entertainment events for organizations, families, and youth in the community.

Drama Class
A Woman Writing by the Window

African-American & Womens' History

A celebration of African American history which combines concern for our past and an element of our vision statement to support social, educational and entertainment events for organizations and families.

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